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2015-05-15 End of winter? A summary of winter biking tips.

2019-03-21 Slightly more news on the energy and natural gas consumption front at our end. As well, I've started (albeit at a very initial stage) a web page on anosmia

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. There is news on the energy and fuel oil consumption front at our end.

A Planning commentary, on walk-scores. Walking Blind may give you an impression of my opinion.

Ooo, look, a Web Log. Bet you've never seen one of them.

The latest one (2018-06-25) summarizes the first year's  analysis of our residential heating since our big insulation project last summer, concluding that insulation works.

The last entry (2018-06-13)  celebrated the Canada Blood Services ceremony where I was acknowledged for my 200th donation.  

This URL comprises my entirely personal domain, compleat with commentary and observations on the world I live in.

This is my response to the flourescence and overpopulation of social media: once useful fora, now characterized by a low signal/noise ratio. 

I re-stake my claim here in the HTML sphere with my page-in-progress.

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Girding up for ziplining over Nathan Philip Square, Toronto, Ontario
(lets get ready to zip-line)

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